Mom, Fiance, Yoga Teacher, Fitness and Wellness Enthusiast, Hugger, Life Adventurer,

and the founder of On The Glow Events!

OTG Events was inspired by my love for people and community;

and all things beauty, fitness and wellness! 

I wanted to create a space for people to gather to be inspired, and empowered to live their

best lives, together!

Because, that's what it's all about right? Doing this thang called life together! 

Each event holds the intention of creating lasting, and meaningful connections; with the hopes of you learning something new that will inspire self-growth, empower confidence, and invoke peace, joy and MF bliss! 

I'm so grateful you're here, without you- these events wouldn't be possible! 

So SHOUTOUT to you, babe!

Keep going, keep growing, keep glowing!